Classically Styled Villa for sale in Limassol

Classically Styled Villa for sale in Limassol



This classically styled Villa for sale in Limassol is located in the beautiful suburb of Santa Barbara. This home sits on a lush 1100m² plot, comprising mostly of the huge lawn and garden that surround the property.

With the pool still under construction, this villa will be perfect for those with young families who will love to play by the water or explore the grass for hours.

The development itself measures approximately 400m² of covered areas, holding 3 bedrooms and one more bedroom that was recently converted in to an office, accompanied by the 3 bathrooms.

Santa Barbara give residents a fantastic view of the sea from all angles of the ground floor, but you’ll be treated to an even clearer sight from the first floor balcony, overlooking the garden, to the unobstructed and serene seafront.

This particular Villa can be found over the round, near to the Santa Barbara Church. From there, a quick drive will get you to the beach for all to enjoy the best that Cyprus can offer.


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