Buyers Guide


Cyprus is a huge favourite for those seeking a place in the sun, so it’s little surprise that many people harbour ambitions of moving to the warmer climate one day. Thankfully, with a little bit of planning and the right people, making that relocation can become a reality. Many of our clients have taken on board our advice to buy and relocate to a beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus. With our know how and trusted network of professionals, you will be able to avoid many of the common pitfalls and unpleasant situations associated with buying a house overseas. If you have any questions before we get started? Contact us

Why should you buy property in Cyprus?

Well, considering the fabulous climate, beautiful blue flag beaches, great culture, long history, good lifestyle are only few reasons why…….. If you need more convincing facts, please read our ABOUT CYPRUS article.

Things to consider prior to property search

Budget, reason for moving, location, type of home, private pool, proximity to amenities, rural, part of development, communal pool, plot size, covered area, views, minimum number of bedrooms, life style expectations.

What will you need

A professional boutique style company with good knowledge of a local property microclimate that cares and listens to you the client…

Reputable law firm, currency specialist, financial adviser and property surveyor. We at Cyprus Direct can assist you with all of this with our network of trusted associates therefore please do not hesitate to contact us!


From the moment you put down the deposit, the property will be taken off the market. The whole process can take up to 3 months to complete. Prior to putting down the deposit you should discuss all the options with your lawyer to secure yourself.

Most common mistake

Many buyers contact various agents and look at far too many properties which can result in confusion and time wasting ……. This is the reason why we listen to what your requirements are and do all the work for you to find the best possible options within your budget.


Once you find your dream home that ticks all your boxes do not hesitate go for it as it may not be there tomorrow!