Let the experts at Cyprus Direct manage your property

At Cyprus Direct, we pride ourselves with being highly motivated and experienced in real estate and property management with base in picturesque town of Paphos Cyprus. Enlisting your rental property with Cyprus Direct will ensure you receive maximum return on your investment, leaving your properties in safe and experienced hands and not having to worry about dealing with tenants whilst you’re in another destination.

With excellent local and industry knowledge, which means our owners can trust in our property rental experience and our capability to competently manage their property. Our aim is to be the bridge between finding the right tenants for your asset whilst assisting you with attaining the best return on investment with minimal set-backs and delays. We strive to find the perfect long-term tenants for your property to ensure you collect rent for as long as possible. A proactive approach to rent increases, lease duration and lease renewals

Our aim at Cyprus Direct is to continue to grow the value of our services beyond property maintenance tasks.  Improved ROI, higher tenant acquisition, reduced operational losses, timely rent collection, better cash flow and improved financial management are just a few benefits of listing your investment property with us.

The listing of your property on our website will be accompanied by professional photography of your house, apartment or complex with the use of drones to capture your property’s location and beauty from above. Alongside your listing, your property will be marketed on our social media profiles also, to further increase awareness and interest. 

Your property will be inspected and a drawing up agreement will be created based on the features available for prospective tenants. The agreement will also include clauses which will protect your rental income and the physical aspects of your home. At Cyprus Direct, we know the importance of beginning a tenancy with the correct legal footing to start, maintain and end a tenancy. Therefore, our team will create an agreement keeping all parties best interest at heart.

Interviewing potential tenants is a crucial step in renting out your valuable asset. Our experienced multi lingual team will screen all applications and will offer their professional advice based on the applicants tenancy history and financial status when relaying the options to you. thorough and transparent tenant selection process

Drawing up inventory is also part of the process when your Property is managed by Cyprus Direct. Before the tenant moves into your home, our team will record the state of the property and will specify the exact condition of every internal element of the property, along with photographic evidence. The tenant will be given a copy of the inventory at the check-in and will be given a reasonable period of time to review it. 

Regular and comprehensive property inspections will be conducted to assess the condition of your asset and make any changes to the property if required before bigger issues arise. The inspection report will be entail all issues of the property and will provided to you in a timely manner.

Property Maintenance will keep your asset value at its peak and will increase your chances of finding new tenants. At Cyprus Direct, we pride ourselves on the strategic and timely maintenance we provide all our properties. Apart from physical maintenance of the home, we also offer pool and garden maintenance. Our pool maintenance is carried out 2-3 times per week and the up-keep of your garden is performed 1-2 times per month to ensure the landscape remains orderly all year round.

Our highly experienced and multi lingual team at Cyrus Direct will make sure that you meet all your objectives when deciding to rent out your investment property. To find out more about the management services we offer or to list your property with us, please fill out the enquiry form and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Navigating the many complications involved in property management is one of the many skills our experienced property managers have mastered. Our property managers will be the link between you and your tenants and act as the point of contact for your home. We’ll be there to take care of any rental disputes to avoid any unpleasant confrontations and will sort out all required reports in the instance of property damage. 

Our property managers also make it easier for your tenants by giving them someone to talk to if anything goes wrong, and help them resolve any issues that may arise.  When you list your property with Cyprus Direct, your experience will be stress-free.