Things To Try

When visiting Cyprus, there are several items and products you may want to consider purchasing as souvenirs or to enjoy the local culture. Here’s a list of some of the things you might consider buying in Cyprus:

  1. Cypriot Delicacies: Cyprus is renowned for its delicious food products. Consider buying local items such as Cypriot halloumi cheese, olives, olive oil, local wines, and traditional sweets like loukoumi (Turkish delight) and baklava.
  2. Handmade Lace and Embroidery: Cyprus has a long tradition of intricate lacework and embroidery. You can find beautifully crafted tablecloths, napkins, and clothing items as souvenirs.
  3. Pottery and Ceramics: Cyprus boasts a rich tradition of pottery-making. Hand-painted ceramics, including decorative plates and vases, make for unique and eye-catching mementos.
  4. Traditional Musical Instruments: Cyprus is known for its traditional music, and you can find unique instruments such as the bouzouki, tzouras, or baglamas. These make excellent gifts for music enthusiasts.
  5. Local Crafts: Handmade items like wooden carvings, woven baskets, and other local crafts are popular purchases, often found in local markets.
  6. Local Herbs and Spices: Cyprus has a variety of aromatic herbs and spices, including oregano, thyme, and saffron. These can be great additions to your kitchen or as gifts for food lovers.
  7. Lefkaritiko Lace: Lefkara village is famous for its lacework, and Lefkaritiko lace is known for its intricate beauty. Consider purchasing lace items such as tablecloths, doilies, or handkerchiefs.
  8. Silver and Jewelry: Cyprus is known for its silver jewelry. You can find unique and stylish silver pieces, often with traditional Cypriot motifs.
  9. Greek Orthodox Religious Items: If you’re interested in religious artifacts, Cyprus offers various items like icons, crosses, and religious art.
  10. Local Spirits and Drinks: Cyprus produces some excellent spirits and liquors, including zivania (a strong grape-based spirit) and Commandaria (a famous sweet wine). These can make for memorable gifts.
  11. Cypriot Potatoes: Surprisingly, Cypriot potatoes are renowned for their taste and quality. Some tourists even bring back bags of these unique spuds as a novelty item.
  12. Traditional Clothes: Traditional Cypriot clothing items like embroidered blouses or costumes are a cultural souvenir option.
  13. Cyprus Coffee and Accessories: Cyprus has its own coffee culture, so consider buying local coffee and the traditional equipment used to make Cypriot coffee.
  14. Carob Products: Carob is widely grown in Cyprus, and you can find various carob-based products, including syrup, sweets, and snacks.
  15. Ancient Artifacts and Replicas: For history enthusiasts, you can find shops selling replicas of ancient Cypriot artifacts, including statues and pottery.

Remember to shop at local markets, craft stores, and boutique shops to find authentic and high-quality products. It’s always a good idea to haggle a bit when shopping in markets. Enjoy your shopping in Cyprus and bring back some unique treasures to remember your visit by!